The Story Behind 'The Embellished Trouser Suit'

Exactly a Year on from when it was first debuted at Mandeeps' Engagement Party; 'The Embellished Trouser Suit' is Finally Here and Available to Purchase.


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From selecting the Embroidery to swatching every shade under the umbrella of the shade 'Gold,' no stone has been left unturned in ensuring all components that craft this ensemble best illustrate our vision.

Variations of : Silk 

Through producing many test samples we realised the importance of selecting the right silks for each aspect of this Outfit very early on. A Dress made of a lightweight silk such as Charmeuse gives the outfit movement and offers a great contrast to a heavily-embroidered Raw Silk Cigarette Trouser. These variations of silk help anchor the entire look.


Variations of : Gold

No one of our 'Embellished Trousers Suits' will be exactly alike. Due to the variation in our Silks, each garment has been hand-dyed a specific shade of Gold and expected to produce a unique finish. The 'Made-to-Measure' aspect of our Label reinforces the importance of each piece encompassing its own Character & Individuality. 



Variations of : Embroidery

Crafted from an amalgamation of Gold, Bronze and Silver stones the Embroidery depicts a balance between Boldness and Femininity.

Delicate handwork travels up the entire calf towards the thigh and mimics Goldwork from the abyss of Indian traditional patterns, portraying regal & ornate impressions. 



Dates to : Remember..

This piece will be available to purchase on | Saturday 11th November | at 10am - a celebration in our household of our Parents 30th Wedding Anniversary. 



 'The Embellished Trouser Suit'

Sharon & Mandeep -StylmK-