Our Inspiraiton

∴ Each Design ∴ derived from a ∴ Sketch 


 The Inspiration for our Pieces stems from our Individual sense of Style and joint enthusiasm for creating Luxury and Dynamic Looks.

Dressing and appearances have always played a fundamental part of our Identity. Growing up in a strong Indian culture and Western environment has shaped our style and what we choose to wear. Whilst we have had the autonomy to dress how we wish for Western events we have always felt restricted with Asian events.


"We design pieces that are Affordable, Versatile & Bridge the Gap between an Asian & Western Wardrobe" 



∴ Our Experience ∴

Our defining experience was in April 2017 when we were searching for a Ready-to-Wear Outfit for a close wedding. There was a clear struggle to find an understated Saree, Trouser or Skirt set with an interesting design; the designs we came across were overindulgent in embroidery and bright colours & prints were not reflective of our Style. 

Sourcing materials and designing our own Outfit seemed like the only option we would be happy with so we did just that. We combined a Cropped Lace Blouse, Lace Belt, Silk-Chiffon Saree and Satin-Silk Choker, now known as the:

'The Grecian Saree in Mink'

( Restocking Soon! )


StylmK The Label ∴ 

Fusion Occasionwear

  When we started to gain traction for our Designs we were inspired to make them available for others, who like us, felt compelled to keep their Indian and English wardrobes partitioned. 

∴  ∴  ∴

From hand-selecting Textiles, Finishes & Threads to swatching various textures & weights of Lace and Embroidery, we tend to work with neutral Shades and voguish Silhouettes. 

Designing Ready-to-Wear Outfits that marry a modest cut with a contemporary, catwalk-led Design is the ethos our Label is built on.

We take pride in ensuring each of our Designs continuously remain true to this Vision.